• Registration

    ENTRY FEE: The participant entry fee is $200. All applications require a credit card to be placed on hold. The entry fee can be paid by check or credit card and will not be processed until acceptance. 

    APPLICATION PROCESS: Players who meet an invitation category will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  At-large applications will be reviewed based on the number of commited players who have registered.  If you have received an invitation to the 2020 event, please click the link on the homepage to register!  If you are registering from out of state, please use the following instructions to assist you in completing your registration on the bluegolf website.  


    ENTRY DEADLINE: Registration begins on May 15, 2020 and ends September 4, 2020 (EXCEPT FOR TOP 100 QUALIFIERS - SEE BELOW)

    • IMPORTANT NOTE - TOP 100 QUALIFIERS, this specific exemption WILL EXPIRE on August 31, 2020.  If this is your only qualification and you have not registered by this date, this exemption will expire and you will need to re-qualify under any of the remaining criteria listed on our website.  All players subject to this accelerated entry deadline will receive a letter in your invitation package noting that this is your sole qualification to date.  


    CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations need to be submitted to the SCJGA via phone or email with Justing Fleming. Cancellations received prior to 3 pm on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 will receive a full refund. Cancellations received after 3 pm on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 will forfeit their entry fee.

    PARTICIPANT CHECK-IN: Player check-in will be held Friday, October 30, from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. at The Country Club of Spartanburg Clubhouse. Upon registration, players will receive their locker assignment and player badges.  Board Members will also be present to answer any additional inquiries regarding the weekends events.  Players unable to register at this time should notify Justin Fleming  or the Bobby Chapman Tournament Committee prior to October 28, 2020.

    PAIRINGS: Pairings will be available Friday, October 23, 2020. You will be ablle to access these in the following three areas:

    • Schedule of events Day 1, on this website
    • https://register.bluegolf.com/secure/scjga19/event/do  
    • Country Club of Spartanburg Golf Shop: 864-582-1646
  • Etiquette

    • Parent/Player/Coach Communication:
      • Keep your conversation with the player to words of encouragement
      • Per the rules of golf, advice may not be given.
      • Spectators should not give rulings. Seek rules official if a need arises.
    • Walking the course:
      • Spectators should stay on cart paths. In the absence of paths, stay in the rough. Please stay off fairways, tees and greens.
      • NO CARTS will be available for player/parent use during play. 
      • Phone devices must be on silent at all times.
      • Be aware of errant shots. Your attendance is at your own risk.
    • CCS Facilities:
      • Players will not be provided lockers at the 2020 tournament, please plan accordingly.
      • Food & beverage placed on course and in Grill Room are for participants and parents only.
      • The Grill Room & Bar is limited to players & parents only between 6:00 – 11:30am.
      • Please refrain from wearing hats inside the clubhouse. 
  • Travel and Lodging

    ACCOMMODATIONS: Below is our preferred partner hotel for which you can obtain a discounted rate as a participant in the event:

    • Spartanburg Marriott
      • If you would prefer to call, please use the following number 1-800-327-6465
      • Ask for "Bobby Chapman Golf Tournament Room Block", which guarantees a reduced room rate.
      • Inquire as soon as possible, limited room block available.
    • AC Hotel by Marriott - Spartanburg
      • 1-864-585-8900


    PRIVATE HOUSING: As another housing option, juniors traveling alone may request private housing for the event. Please contact us to explore the option of private housing.

    AIRPORT: Greenville Spartanburg International Airport is our preferred airport and is located on the south end of Spartanburg county, approximately 20 minutes from downtown Spartanburg.  It is easily accessible via Interstate 85.  Visit Greenville Spartanburg International Airport’s Website

    FLIGHT OPTION #2: Fly into Charlotte, NC – The drive to Spartanburg from Charlotte is approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on traffic and weather conditions. Visit Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s Website

    GROUND TRANSPORTATION: For traveling families, available car rental services are listed on each airports website listed above. 

  • Parking

    Spectator Parking:

    • Is located at the club house in the marked parking spaces, on the adjacent lot next to 14 green and at the tennis courts.  Please refer to map link below for reference. 
    • You will be denied parking at the Pro Shop in addition to frontage road leading to pro shop at all hours Friday – Sunday.
    • Only participants may park on property and carpooling is encouraged.
  • Transportation

    Shuttle Service:

    • On-site shuttle service to the lower range is provided one hour prior to all tee times and one half hour after the conclusion of play.
    • If traveling by air, please see Travel and Lodging for available car rental services at each respective airport.
  • Protocols, Policies and Guidelines 2021

    2021 SCJGA Covid-19 Protocols, Policies and Guidelines  


    Before you attend a SCJGA event — either as a participant or spectator — you must be free of fever, cough or other symptoms of COVID-19. You must not have come in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 for a minimum of two weeks. Also, please familiarize yourself with and follow best practices regarding social distancing and hand hygiene published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


    The South Carolina Junior Golf Association has adopted new guidelines to protect the health and safety of players, parents, spectators, college coaches, SCJGA staff, host facility staff and volunteers. KEEP IN MIND THESE POLICIES AND GUIDELINES CAN CHANGE AT ANYTIME as guidelines and recommendations from DHEC, CDC and our state and local government change. Thank you for reviewing and adopting these practices to protect all stakeholders at events. 



    All players must maintain a minimum of SIX FEET distance from all other people, including other players, spectators, club staff, association staff, etc. at all times. This includes the parking lot, putting green, practice area, on the golf course, in the scoring area, restrooms, clubhouse and golf shop at all host facilities.



    In order to be eligible to participate in an SCJGA event YOU WILL BE REQUIRED to sign an SCJGA waiver of liability.



    All SCJGA tournament fields (including chapter events) will be limited to no more than 120 players.



    Spectators are allowed, but please limit the amount of spectators at this time.  Spectators are asked to stay in their vehicle until their players’ tee time and refrain from congregating before and after the round. Spectators are not allowed in practice areas.



    Spectator carts are not permitted at the Bobby Chapman Invitational



    All players and spectators are discouraged from congregating in the clubhouse, parking lot or any other common areas. If players are waiting for prizes or playoffs on the final day, they can wait in their vehicle or at a safe social distance outside.



    Caddies are prohibited at all SCJGA events. 



    Practice areas are only open to participants prior to each round and will be closed and unavailable to participants after tournament rounds.  Except in the need of playoffs for players involved to warm up.



    The SCJGA will no longer provide these items at the first tee: tees, pencils permanent markers, sunscreen, insect repellant, or ball markers.  Players should come prepared with these items.


    The SCJGA will make every attempt to email, text and post on our tournament information page (which can be viewed from smartphones) hole locations and local rules sheets for each event.  Limited copies of these will be available at the starting area (players are encouraged to take a picture with smart phones for reference if you have one.)



    Bunkers – If tournaments are played without bunker rakes: Relief from an abnormal ground condition (i.e. a footprint) for the lie of the ball only, the player may lift the ball, smooth the area and place it within one club length, no closer to the hole.  Players are also encouraged to smooth out all bunkers with their feet when exiting after play. 


    Flag stick – Players must not remove the flagstick at this time.  Removing the flagstick is a violation of the SCJGA Code of Conduct policy and may result in penalty if repeatedly violated.


    Holed – The definition of Holed is modified in this way:  If any part of the ball is in the hole below the surface of the putting green, the ball is treated as holed even if the entire ball is not below the surface.



    Players are asked to refrain from the traditional handshake or hug prior to and after all rounds.  A friendly nod, a tip of the cap, or wave is a recommended form of greeting or sportsmanship.


    As soon as you attest your scorecard, you will need to immediately leave the golf course unless you may be involved in a playoff.



    Players will be asked to use the SCJGA Application (available on iOS and Android App Store) to serve as their official scorecard.  Instructions on how to use this software will be given on the first tee prior to starting your round.


    The SCJGA will also provide the optional paper scorecards to competitors.  These scorecards are not official and should not be exchanged amongst players.


    After the round, players will verify scores that were entered into the SCJGA BlueGolf App in the scoring area with SCJGA staff.  Those players who do not use the app will be allowed to verbally call their scores to SCJGA staff at this point for verification.  Scores are deemed returned and attested once players and markers verbally verify scores.


    There will be no scoreboards, all scoring will be visible online.



    In the event of a tie for first place after the competition is closed, we will have a playoff for the overall championship.  If an event is also used to determine other honors such as GA/SC Team Matches playoffs will be held accordingly.  Players are responsible for making themselves available should a playoff take place. If players are waiting for prizes or playoffs on the final day, they can wait in their vehicle or at a safe social distance outside.



    Information regarding F&B will be sent out in the player information letter. 


    Please bring your own water and/or snacks. Water and/or snacks MAY be provided at certain SCJGA events but are not guaranteed at each event. Food and beverage will also be available to purchase at host facilities.



    In the event of inclement weather, PARTICIPANTS, will be the top priority for shuttled evacuation.  Players and spectators are to report to their vehicles during suspensions and/or delays.  Any player without a vehicle should report the SCGA/SCJGA staff for instructions on where they should remain during the delay.  Suspensions, delays and starting instructions will be sent via email and text to all participants.  Please login to your BlueGolf account and update the parent cell phone number to the phone number you would like to receive text updates and/or information.



    Tournament gifts will be sanitized by SCJGA staff prior to registration.  Please do not congregate around registration table.



    SCJGA will hand out awards to overall winners using protective measures.  


    The South Carolina Junior Golf Association will continue to act in the best interest of our members and make safety the top priority for our players, volunteers, spectators, and host club’s personnel. Please continue to check www.scjga.org for updates on our policies and guidelines as they may change at any time.

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